How can we rethink the way we understand mobility and health needs of senior citizens?

Powered by: Reach2020 (TU/Eindhoven) – Stakeholders: ZuidZorg, 9292

YouGoIGo is a participative mobility service that suits the needs of every traveller, regardless of their age, physical abilities or access to technology.
The service lets anyone become a travel buddy, by matching seniors and regular travellers according to their planned routes. In this way, everybody reaches the destination safely and in comfort. Regular travellers get rewarded and senior travellers the freedom of planning and enjoying their own days out!

The service has been designed in collaboration with ZuidZorg, an elderly care organisation and it is based on the popular 9292 app, used in The Netherlands to check travel informations. Of course, this service can be adjusted to different context, different countries and increase in scale.

The co-design process that led to this result has been documented in this publication at the Academy of Design Management 2019. The following slideshow illustrates steps of the process.