Vision Project Toolkit

How can we rethink smart platforms for civic participation?

In collaboration with: New Kings Democrats (Brooklyn, NYC), Unite America (NYC)

The Vision Project is a participatory democracy toolkit designed to help the New Kings Democrats of the Brooklyn Democratic Party to reconnect with their community. The aim is to create an accessible platform, towards a more inclusive and transparent future vision of the party, and to define what the party can do to improve the quality of life of locals.

The Vision Project Toolkit has a physical component, made of a board where users can interact decide which social issues should be tackled, how much impact a certain initiative should have, how much budget should be spent on it and in which time span goals should be achieved. The physical board is used in offline meetings, by community members and their leaders.

The digital component of the project is a website/app that tracks each offline meeting’s decisions in form of digitalised maps. This enables the rest of the community to have access to what has been discussed, to edit and to comment on the progress made at any decision level.

This project is currently being developed by the Vision Project team, which is going to use a scaled up version of the board, in order to creatively engage which the community in defining a collective Brooklyn agenda to bring forward.

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