The Inakages – Sustainability in your everyday

How can we make the 17 Sustainable Development Goals actionable for everyone?

In collaboration with: Global Education (Keio KMD, Tokyo)

The Japanese academia and authorities collaborate closely to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals standards. However, these sustainability standards might feel farfetched from citizens’ everyday life.

 ‘The Inakages – Sustainability in your everyday’ is a co-designed serious game that enables players to envision how they can act upon the 17 UN Sustainable Goals in their daily life. The overarching vision of this serious game is to bring the international guidelines of the SGDs down to a manageable scale for common citizens, so that their local actions can have a global impact. 

As it has been developed through a participatory design process together with 100 Japanese high school girls (aged 16-17), the serious game is tailored around their culture, rituals and user needs. 

The game is played in teams. Each team has designed the character (a mum, a dad, a high school girl or a little brother) of the Inakage family that they play with. The teams are displayed around a main board, which contains 17 tiles (one for each goal). 

Each goal is assigned a difficulty level (super=3 diamonds, great=2 diamonds, cool=1 diamonds). Each team choose a goal they want to focus on for a determined amount of time (5 to 7 min) and they have to write 5 advices (one for themselves, one for each other character of the family) that they have to distribute to the other teams. There are multiple layers of complexity: whilst competition is the key fun element, the players are also challenged to think creatively and to be empathic towards one another. At the end, there are 3 winning teams: the team that has distributed the most advices, the team that has collected most scores based on the difficulty of the goals they focused on and the team that has been voted to have given ‘the best advice’. 

The game has the potential to be developed in different countries and be tailored to the culture and needs of different players. It can be integrated in educational activities in schools and workshops about the Sustainable Development Goals or become a commercial game. This game is currently being redesigned to suit the socio-cultural context of the Netherlands.