How can we use simulation to understand + prevent criminal dynamics?

Deal? is A Transnational Organised Crime simulation game in which players immerse themselves in criminal and anti-criminal social dynamics, through a simulated play environment.

The board consists of different “lands” where players move their pawns. Players adopt certain societal roles (e.g. banker, professor, politician), which have different Political, Social and Financial powers. They have to execute Criminal Actions or Positive Actions -which have to be executed through collaborative deals with other players- in order to gain the biggest amount of the sum of powers.

Both Positive and Criminal actions increase individual powers, so that players do not necessarily have to stick to either “side”. In fact, at each round the “criminal” and “anti-criminal” pawn is passed onto the next player. By doing switching mindset and making several deals with different roles, players can strategically reflect on their own, in either undermining or supporting the illicit structures of organised crime.