How can a serious game help multiple stakeholders develop strategies for energy transition?

In collaboration with: Rosa van der Veen – Nominee: Green Energy Challenge, Copenhagen 2015

The 2020game is a simulation game that represents the actual energy scenario in the Netherlands in 2016 (with just 4 % of green energy share). The participants, who role-play one of the main stakeholders in the political and economical scenario (banks, municipalities, small innovative start-up, big conservative multinationals, the government, citizens organisations..), have the common goal of reaching 20% green energy share by 2020 in a sustainable way,  avoiding economic crisis.

The game components are a physical board and a mathematical model in excel, that gets updated during the session for the players to get immediate feedback on their decision-making.

Every half an hour of game play corresponds to one year. In four years (2 hours of game play), the participants assess the results of their work. With this fast pace, all the participants learn how to face the consequences of their actions, stimulating them to come up with a better strategy for each round.

The game is ultimately designed to help players embrace the complexity of energy transitions and develop a deeper sense of responsibility for geopolitical implications of relying on fossil fuels.

The2020game was one of the selected representatives of TU/Eindhoven at Green Energy Challenge in Copenhagen. Here you can find our paper: