Asking the difficult questions through Design | Finding answers through sustainable strategies

I help organisations and institutions meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. I work with people who think a sustainable future for all of us -and our planet- is worth investing in. Long term durable solutions, no short term fixes.

The SDGs are a complex system of policy guidelines that a creative, holistic mindset can help to implement, for organisations and institutions willing to invest in them: my process entails co-creation, life-centred approaches and design research, just to name a few methods. We look into how your organisation functions and we build capacity to address the SDGs. This could be in the form of new services or innovative processes.
For project examples, please visit chiaratreglia.com.

My skills range from service & strategy design, serious game design and designing workshops based on clients’ needs. However, participatory design is the methodology that unites my work under the same umbrella. I believe in context-driven approaches, where the designer’s role is to facilitate creativity, enable dialogue and synthesise outcomes, with focus on cross-disciplinary and diverse team collaboration.

I have an Industrial Design BSc from Eindhoven University of Technology and a double master (MSc/MA) in Global Innovation Design at Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. During my masters I studied and collaborated in different projects in Tokyo at Keio KMD and in New York at Pratt Institute.

I have experience with academic writing in the context of Design Innovation Management and give workshops on related topics (e.g. Creative Leadership, responsible design, etc.)
Passionate about art and food, I am seeking to combine these passions and share them with the communities I encounter and collaborate with.

For more information, please contact me or check my CV below.