ADIM 2019

In collaboration with Dr. Lu Yuan, the mentor who followed my bachelor thesis at TU/Eindhoven, we published a case study, indeed about my thesis.

Find here my paper: Empowering senior’s mobility to maintain a healthy lifestyle: a case study

The project was two years old in my head, but thanks to a report that back then I had to deliver (in order to be able to graduate!), I was able to retrive the steps of a process that to this day I consider one of the most interesting I have been through. The result of the process is YouGoIGo, a participatory mobility service design with the needs of senior travellers at heart.

ADIM stands for Academy of Design Innovation Management an it has been held in London in June ’19. Through 3 days of conference I had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations from various authors in the space of ‘design’ and ‘innovation’: the underlining thread that connects all these papers and case studies is that design is increasingly claiming its role as a transformative discipline present vertically and horizontally in projects that deal with ill-define challenges, such as ageing population, energy transition, digital democracy.