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what about Chiara?

Chiara Treglia is an Italian designer with an international formal design education. After an Industrial Design Bsc degree from Eindhoven University of Technology, she continued her studies in Global Innovation Design at Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. Within this program she studied and worked in different projects in Tokyo at Keio KMD and in New York at Pratt Institute.

Whilst her interests range from social to sustainable innovation, transformative design and game design, participatory design is the methodology that unites her work under the same umbrella. She believes in context-driven and life-centred design approaches, where the designer’s role is to facilitate creativity, enable dialogue and synthesise outcomes.

She believes that the biggest ethical responsibility for the designer is to constantly ask the “difficult” questions and never settled for short-cut solutions, allowing true yet sustainable innovation to occur.

Chiara currently works as Strategy Design consultant for various organisation in the public and private sector that want to pivot their strategies towards sustainability and develop a design mindset in order to do so.

In January 2020 Chiara joined her business partner Dick Rennings in founding tini studio, a life-centric design agency on a quest to make the future sustainable and just.