Chiara Treglia
Chiara TregliaCreative Strategist
I use design + innovation to help organisations address the UN Sustainable Development Goals


service + strategy design

Through a design-led process, I will help your organisation identify a strategy to create new value while being socially & ecologically sustainable
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gamification + simulation

Change management goes through play! I design serious games to help your organisation envision the future in simulated environments
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workshops + new tools

Does your organisation need a new perspective? A fresh way to look at the problem? I organise and facilitate workshops tailored to your needs
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How can we reform the criminal justice system by harvesting innovation in between inside and outside prison?


Creating value in the space between inside and outside prison
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How can we rethink the way we understand mobility and health needs of senior citizens?


A sharing economy service for travellers of all ages
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How can we bring insurance businesses into the future?


A smart IoT service for your house insurance
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How can we make the 17 Sustainable Development Goals actionable for everyone?

The Inakages - Sustainability in your everyday

A social game for Japanese young citizens to learn how to act upon the SDGs
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How can a serious game help multiple stakeholders develop strategies for energy transition?


A serious game on energy transition in The Netherlands
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How can we use simulation to understand + prevent criminal dynamics?


A serious game about transnational organised crime to develop prevention strategies
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How can we rethink smart platforms for civic participation?

The Vision Project

A product-service system for inclusive decision making in your neighbourhood
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How can we make change management accessible + playful through embodiment?

Multiverse Innovation

A method and an open-source platform for business + organisations that want to change their process towards more sustainable practices
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How can we reframe leadership for positive impact?

Creative Leadership Workshop

Re-descovering our own meaning and approach to leadership through co-creation
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Design for sustainability is, ultimately, design for human and planetary health

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